What do we Celebrate in Spring and Why – 2023 Edition

In this 5 minute read, I’ll discuss the traditional seasonal celebrations in the UK, explore some of the global traditions and a couple of the more unusual things celebrated; as well as why.

5th March 2023 – Leanne Nuttall

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold; when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.

This quote I love! It summarises the truth of the change from Winter to Spring. Perhaps it’s because in early March, certainly in the UK, we see the signs with the emergence of daffodils and crocus popping up through the grass; or tree branches looking decidedly fuller with tiny leaf buds. The sun becomes a warming lamp and we don’t have to scrunch into our coat collars quite so much, let alone wear full arctic garments like scarves, woolly hats and gloves.

What is Spring Equinox?

But did you know, spring equinox does not actually happen until later in March, this year in 2023 it will be Monday the 20th March to be precise. That is the official start of spring and occurs when the sun crosses over the line of the equator making the length of daytime and night-time equal, hence the word ‘equinox’; which is made up of ‘aequi’ for equal and ‘nox’ for night (comes from Latin). That date changes slightly each year due to the time it takes for earth to rotate around the sun and our Gregorian calendar.

Across the globe it is a time of year synonymous for rebirth, fertility and new beginnings.

I attended secondary school in the Middle East which educated 60 different nationalities of students, so there was always something being celebrated.

Early Spring in Milton Keynes showing sunshine and daffodils and crocus flowers blooming
Early Spring sunshine in Milton Keynes with daffodils and crocus flowers

What are the Traditional UK Celebrations in Spring?

Usually the first thing in spring that is celebrated is Mothering Sunday on the 19th March, but it just misses out being celebrated in spring this year by one day!

  • April Fools – Saturday 1st April

  • Easter – Friday 7th April until Monday 10th April

  • St George’s Day – Sunday 23rd April

  • May Day – Monday 1st May

  • Trooping the Colour – Saturday 17th June

  • Father’s Day – Sunday 18th June

What other Celebrations happen during the months of Spring across the Globe?

Holi – India. This Festival of Colours celebrates the end of winter and beginning of spring with gulal throwing (coloured powder), singing, dancing, eating sweets & treats and lighting bonfires.

Flower Parade Bollenstreekthe Netherlands. Occurring in April this travelling parade of vibrant floats decorated with spring flowers attracts a phenomenal number of visitors each year who admired the colourful displays from early in the morning whilst it travels the 42 kilometre route.

Beltane – Gaelic. Celebrated on May Day, marking the mid point of spring. It comes from the Gaelic word meaning ‘bright fire’ and refers to the ancient Celtic pagan god Belenus who protected cattle and offered healing and light. Nowadays lighting fires and dancing around decorated maypoles are the traditional practices.

Nowrus – Iran. To celebrate the rebirth of nature (Nowrus means ‘new day’ in Persian) a celebration table called the haftseen is prepared containing seven items that represent spring including as apples, dried fruit, sprouts, garlic, vinegar, sumac (red Persian spice) and samanu (sweet pudding) which remains in place until the celebration is over.

Sham el Messim – Egypt. The name translates as ‘smelling the breeze’ and predates both Christianity and Islam. It is celebrated the Monday after Easter with loved ones coming together for picnics and by decorating & writing wishes on hard boiled eggs to symbolise rebirth and acknowledge the coming harvest along with the change in spring air.

Cimburijada – Bosnia. To symbolise the birth of new life, thousands of eggs will be used to make scrambled eggs to feed the entire community on at dawn on the first day of spring.

Eid al Fitar – Muslim. The ‘Festival of Breaking the Fast’ that marks the end of Ramadan begins with the breaking of fast, attending morning prayer, eating sweet foods and giving to less fortunate people in your community. Muslims across the globe will decorate their homes and dress themselves in their finest clothes and perfumes or colognes to come together with loved ones.

Holi Festival images from Milton Keynes 2015 showing colour powder throwing, people covered in colour powder
Holi Festival Milton Keynes 2015

Unusual Celebrations in Springtime

Teotihuacan Pyramid – Mexico. Known as the Pyramid of the Sun, each year on the day of the spring equinox many people climb the to the top dressed in white believing that all the good energy that the spring and equinox brings will be absorbed.

Stonehenge – England. This gathering on the first day of spring occurs at sunrise to honour nature and the cycle of seasons. It’s a simple celebration to watch the sun rise above the stone circle typically observed by Druids and Pagans who are adorned with seasonal flowers.

Qingming Festival – China. Known as Tomb Sweeping Day or ’pure brightness’ it marks the changing seasons as well as honouring ancestors by cleaning (sweeping) their tombs. Occurring usually a few weeks after the first day of spring, Chinese families also participate in spring outings to enjoy blossoms and kite flying.

Stonehenge 2018 at 8.51am
Stonehenge England taken 18th April 2008 at 8.51am

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Thank you so much for reading!

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